User Manual Cover Underglow Kit Pixelglow M20232

User Manual – Pixelglow Underglow Kits

This booklet gives you information and tips before installation.

t’d be helpful to check it, so you can install smoothly.

Better to simulate and verify your install ideas first.

In case you need help, pick a way from the back cover of this manual to contact us.

Table of Contents
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    Typically, we can help you with:

    • How to use the apps
    • Additional items
    • Troubleshooting

    Thanks to some very nice bike owners!

    They told us what features they expect.

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    1. Test before Installation

    After you unbox the package, do a lighting test to make sure everything is fine, especially the lighting patterns.

    • Find a power source with DC 12V (typically the battery of your bike has this voltage).
    • Connect the red wire to the positive and the black wire to the negative of your power supply.
    • LED strips will go on once you give them electricity.

    After you confirm everything works correctly, simulate installation to see whether wires are long enough.

    2. Specifications & Parameters

    1). Material for LED strips: Extruded silicone

    2). LED model: Smart RGB LEDs 5050

    3). Input voltage: DC 12V (Workable between 10-15V)

    4). Wattage: Maximum 36 watts

    5). Warranty: 2-Year limited warranty

    6). Control method: Bluetooth on iOS and RF remote

    7). Bluetooth version: Compatible with 4.2 (Released 2014)

    8). Working temperature for all parts: 30°F – 120°F

    Estimating real wattage

    The colors of smart LED strips are a combination of 3 lights – red, green and blue. The wattage – 36 watts – is the maximum value of all the LEDs when all the 3 colors are working.

    • Actually, LEDs don’t always run at their peak wattage, unless they’re in solid white light.
    • The real wattage will be approximately 1/3 of the peak value, when you pick one of the 3 solid colors – red, green & blue.
    • The real wattage will be about 1/2 – 3/4 of the peak value, when you pick a color besides solid or white colors.

    3. Apps for Bluetooth Connection

    This LED strip kit can offer many unique lighting patterns, if you control it by our app on your phone.

    Better to check the lighting patterns before installation.

    Install the app DITRIO by scanning the QR code below.

    • The Bluetooth works with 4.2 and above (later than 2014).
    • Make sure the Bluetooth of your phone is ON.
    • Open the app DITRIO.
    • Tap the drop down menu on the top right corner.
    • Select “Pixelglow” in the device list.
    • P.S. For Android phones, please activate “Location” service.

    4. Applying Double-Sided Tapes

    You can use the tips below for obtaining an optimum adhesion.

    1) Surface preparation

    Clean the bonding surfaces before application (you can consider a solvent of IPA/water mixture).

    • Adhesion promoters significantly improve initial and ultimate adhesion
    • You can consider 3M Adhesion Promoter 111, 3M Tape Primer 94.
    • Ideal application temperature: 70°F to 100°F (21°C to 38°C).
    • Minimum application temperature: 60°F (15°C).
    • Use a heat gun (hot air gun) to warm up tapes and the target surface if it’s too cold.

    2) Apply pressure and wait

    As a pressure-sensitive adhesive, apply pressure for 3-5 seconds to develop better adhesive contact and improve bond strength.

    Better to wait for 24 hours after application before riding again; the tapes will gain bond strength dramatically.

    • 50% of the ultimate strength after 20 minutes
    • 90% of the ultimate strength after 24 hours
    • 100% of the ultimate strength after 72 hours

    5. Water Resistance 

    Water-resistance varies, depending on a specific part.

    1) LED strips

    • Waterproof, IP68
    • Made from extruded silicone – the highest waterproof rating

    2) SM 4-Pin Fast locking connectors

    • Water resistant
    • Better to keep the connectors away from direct water jets
    • You can enhance the resistance by filling with electrical grease

    3) Control box

    • Resistant to water & humidity
    • The circuit board has a layer of conformal coating on its surface
    • The front and the back cover are sealed with epoxy adhesive
    • You can expose it if you don’t have anything to cover/hide it

    4) Kill switch

    • Waterproof
    • Our unique design can withstand rain and spraying water.

    5) RF remotes

    • NON-water-resistant
    • Please keep them away from liquid water and humidity.

    8. Preventing Battery Drain

    When you turn off the LED strip kit by either remote, all the LED strips go off and don’t use battery anymore themselves.

    • However, the control box is still working, and uses approximately 12mA to stand by.
    • The purpose is to receive signal whenever you use the LED kit again.

    It’d be better if you use the kill switch to turn off the control box, whenever you don’t use the LED strip kit:

    • It’s like cutting off power supply using your scissors.
    • The control box (the whole system) no longer uses any battery.

    Approximately, this control box may use 70% of a 5-Ah lithium battery after 30 days (depending on the health of the battery).

    It’d be good to use the kill switch to turn off the LED kit when you don’t ride your bike, especially for days and weeks.

    This helps you prevent battery drain issues (not including battery used by other electrical components of your bikes).

    9. Self-Protective Mechanisms

    The circuit for Pixelglow has 2 essential features to protect itself in abnormal conditions, so it won’t have issues.

    The control box has an LED indicator on its front cover.

    You can check its working status by the indicator’s status.

    • Blink: The LED strip kit is working correctly when it blinks.
    • Off: The system has a short circuit when it doesn’t light up.

    1) Short Circuit Prevention

    Sometimes the LED system may have short circuit somewhere after correct installation. There are 2 typical causes.

    • Wires are damaged during riding.
    • Wires are melted after they touch the hot surfaces of the engine or the exhaust.

    We’ve built a protective feature in the circuit board.

    A short circuit or excessive voltage won’t burn any components.

    The circuit cuts off power supply automatically.

    And the LED indicator will go off itself.

    If you can’t turn the LED strip kit on and confirm it has power coming in, then check the LED indicator on the control box.

    • LED strips remain off, and the LED indicator is off too.
    • That means your system has a short circuit somewhere.
    • LED strips will come on, and the LED indicator will blink slowly after you eliminate the short circuit.

    2) Reverse Connection Protection

    Reverse connection can burn components on circuit boards, if they don’t have a built-in protective design.

    Our circuit board has a protective feature against such issues.

    If you connect the red wire to the negative of your battery and the black wire to the positive, it won’t damage anything.

    • LED strips & the indicator on the control box won’t light up.
    • If you see this, check the red & the black wires’ connection.
    • Make sure to connect the red wire to the positive, and the black wire to the negative of your battery, and it will work.

    10. Key-Chain Fob

    • You don’t need to point them at the control box directly.
    • You can hide the control box and the signal still works.

    However, it offers fewer features than the app.

    Generally speaking, the fob doesn’t let you define lighting.

    That means, it helps you easily switch among different lighting features that you set within the app on your phone.

    • Let you switch among the categories of lighting patterns
    • Let you switch to the next or previous lighting pattern within a category

    Press remotes’ buttons quickly, DO NOT press and hold.

    • Short presses use battery dramatically less than long.

    11. Sync & Resync Remotes

    If you lose the remote, you can get a new one from DITRIO.

    Resync it, and don’t need to replace the control box.

    Procedures to resync the 4-key remote:

    1) Use the kill switch to turn on the LED strip kit (not to press the ON/OFF button on a remote).

    2) The LED strips will come on immediately, and then go off themselves.

    3) Next, they will come on again automatically and the first 3 seconds will be the time for you to resync the remote.

    • Press the upward arrow key first, and next press the downward arrow key immediately.
    • LED strips will blink if it resyncs correctly.
    • Please do not reverse the key-pressing order, or press them repeatedly if you miss the resyncing time frame.
    • Instead, turn off the control box by the push button and try again.

    Each maker has parameters of their own for circuits and remotes.

    • It’s very likely that you won’t be able to sync a remote from another brand to our control box.
    • Likewise, our remotes don’t work with a control box from another brand.

    For this reason, it’d be better to have these items from the same brand.

    If you’ve reached here, it means you’ve got the basic information for installing this LED strip kit.

    Always feel free to contact DITRIO team if there is anything we can do to help you complete your install!

    12. Frequently Asked Questions

    1). Why my lights light up only half of the length?

    • The number of clusters is wrong, which means the value you set is smaller than the actual cluster numbers of the LED strips.
    • Go to the app, and tap the drop down menu on the top left corner.
    • Tap the edit icon to increase the cluster numbers.

    2). Why my strips won’t come on, and the PCB fuse is glowing red.

    That means the strip kit has short circuit somewhere.

    • Replace the 5A backup fuse for troubleshooting.
    • Connect only one LED strip to the control box directly.
    • If an individual LED strip works properly, then try to identify where the short circuit is and eliminate it.

    Exclusive Program

    If you are a professional installer, a store owner, or any other frequent buyer for LED kits, make sure to contact DITRIO service team.

    We offer exclusive service to repeated buyers like you.

    And typically, it includes:

    • Discounts for bulk orders
    • Custom spare parts
    • Free trials for new products

    We’d love to hear from you and help you grow your business.

    Last but not least, thanks again for choosing DITRIO!

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