Universal Underglow LED Strip Light Kit M12r for Motorcycles


A universal underglow LED strip kit for general motorcycles.

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  1. Quality & Reliability as Priorities: LED strip kits for motorcycles have difficult working conditions – fluctuating voltages, instantaneous higher currents etc., this LED strip kit focuses on how to make it work and last.
  2. Maximum Brightness: LEDs with gold bonding wires – 30% higher electrical conductivity, 3.55% more light than the cost-effective material copper; 60 LEDs per meter, up to 1,000 Lumens per meter.
  3. Bigger Capacities for Brighter Bikes: 3 x 3A big MOSFETs, wires of AWG 22 & 24, ensuring strips more than enough power supply even you double the strips for a bright “Christmas tree”.
  4. 2 Additional Blinking Brake Lighting Styles: Besides the default solid red light as an additional brake signal, M12r now comes with 2 blinking styles, available via the 24-key remote.
  5. Music Mode: An independent microphone in the control box, gold-plated pins, a 60X sensitivity, beautifully follows the rhythms of your music.

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Dimensions 27 × 17.4 × 5.31 cm

Customer Reviews

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Gordon Nance
Easy to install if you dont know much like me 😁

Excellent product!! Im happy with my purchase. The fact that Im not to knowledgeable on electric installation things I was able to figure it out but wish they gave directions on how to install, thats the reason I only gave 4 stars.

Timothy Craney
These lights are awesome!

Easy to install. Love the red on braking.

Lots of color settings and easy to install

Love the keychain remote

Jose Zambrano
Really bright lights, well worth the money.

So normally I wait a few months of using a product before I give a review, just so if there are any complications and to get a good feel for it. They arrived super fast and when you are adding new cool things to your toys that's a big plus lol. This lights were easy to install all thanks to the well written instructions I got with them. After the install I had to go out for a drive and try them out. They are really bright, and having the option to change colors is amazing. If you are looking to add a little WOW to your bike this kit is what you are looking for. I've had them for about 8 months and the tape has held up very good I've had zero issues with them coming loose after I install them and the brightness is still the same as when I first bough them. I would suggest you temporary secure them with painters tape first till you are happy with the lighting and double check that all your cables are securely away from any heat sources before securing them with the double sided tape. The only issue I had with the lights is that 2 when out after about 4 months. Luckily Tim at Ditrio was quick with his customer service skills and fixed the issue for me. I have recommended this lights to anyone that has asked me where I got them and will continue to do so. I eventually will get another set but for my truck and will be ordering the same kit as I am very pleased with it.

Fast delivery

Great product at a great price

Great Kit PLUS Great Support

This light kit is everything you need to make your motorcycle stand out in traffic. Very bright lights which are easy to install. The instructions are not great but adequate. The product seems to be of very high quality and craftmanship. For my particular application, 2003 HD Road King, I only used 7 of the 12 strips of various length. Plan ahead and get the smaller kit if you don't need all 12 strips. I have had them installed for a couple months now and ridden >150 miles. Everything works well with no glitches. The on/off switch saves your battery. Coolest feature = regardless of mode or color all of the lights turn Solid RED when you apply the brakes - SAFETY.

Customer Service - When I first received the kit I tested it off the bike and it did not work properly. I contacted DITRIO via email and had a response within twelve hours. He supplied a new kit within three days along with a pre-paid return lable for the defective kit. Turns out there was nothing wrong with the original kit; the problem was the way I was testing it. DITRIO provides fantastic customer support and they stand behind the product.

Lexi DeLarm
3 Hours of Patience = Amazing lights

Heres how I did it.
1) Wash your bike
2) Wash your bike again
3) Test all of the lights by plugging in the positive and negative terminals on to your battery. The package comes with 4 splicers for your wires, I crushed these on using pliers and then screwed them to the top of the battery terminals.
4) Use masking tape to place your lights around your bike to make sure the leads will be long enough.
5) Wipe down all the areas you will place your LEDs with rubbing alcohol
6) Plug everything in
7) Use the two twist ties that come with the kit to organize your wires. I wrapped all my wires that were too long and used the twist ties to keep them tidy.
8) I placed the control box wires inside the tool box below my seat
9) Zip tie all your wires that are dangling or loose for safety
10) Turn on your lights and watch as other riders ooze jealousy.

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