Underglow LED Strip Kit M18r-T for Trikes, Trailers, Golf Carts

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Sophisticated design that combines 3 features to make it more noticeable to ride at night – Maximum Brightness, Turn Signal and Brake Light Features

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1. Maximum Brightness

Brightness is one of the top priorities for the design of this LED strip kit. Especially, we take the special considerations for larger bikes that will install more than 12 LED strips, particularly for trikes and trailers.

They have larger surfaces and wires, so it’s important to assure energy efficiency and sufficient power supply from the circuit.

  • Gold Bonding Wires for RGB LEDs 5050Choosing premium materials – RGB 5050 LEDs made of gold bonding wires – produces more light than other bonding wires made from alloys, copper wires, etc.

MOSFETs on Circuit Board of Underglow Kit M18r-T

  • Bigger capacity: The circuit board has 6 larger MOSFETs, offering 2X capacity than the regular one. They assure sufficient power supply for more LED strips, so that you won’t see the brightness decreases noticeably.

Maximum Brightness of Underglow Kit M18r-T

  • No one can say can’t see you at night on the road.

2. Turn signal

There are different light sources distracting people’s attention at night. Sometimes, the original turn signal lights of motorcycles are not so noticeable for other people on the road.

Turn Signal of Underglow LED Kit M18r-T on Trike

  • The control box divides LED strips into 2 zones – left and right. When you press the turn signal button, all strips on the same side will blink in amber, making your changes more noticeable.

3. Brake Light

Similar to the original turn signal light of motorcycles, the original brake light is not easy to be distinguished from the running light. It will be more obvious if we light up the rear of a bike.

Brake Light Activated for Underglow LED Strip Kit M18r-T

  • All LED strip lights will go red as an additional warning signal, when you squeeze the brake, reacting instantly, and go back to the previous setting once you release brakes.
  • It offers 3 brake light effects for you to choose: static red, and 2 optional flashing/blinking styles.
  • – LED strips keep flashing as an additional brake signal, and you can adjust flashing speeds using the brightness button.
  • – LED strips keep flashing in a combination of flashing and solid red: flash 3 times in 1 second + stay solid red for 2 seconds (not adjustable)

4. Daisy-Chain LED Strips

Reduce bulkiness, and easier to organize wires

Daisy Chain LED Strips of DITRIO Underglow Kit M18r-T

  • The package comes with daisy-chain LED strings of 2 sizes, and 4 pieces for each size. With these strips, you don’t have to connect all of them from the control box. This may give you a cleaner look, and may save time because you might not have to take the tank off for some bikes.

5. Self-Protective Mechanisms

3 Built-in features against abnormal conditions

Protective Mechanisms of DITRIO Underglow LED Strip Kit

  • You won’t damage anything in case you reverse the connection of the red and the black wires for power supply.
  • The circuit detects the current by 2 resistors, and it cuts off automatically when a short circuit occurs, and goes back to normal after the short circuit is removed.
  • The outer box has a LED indicator. It provides visual indication for working status – slow blinking for normal working, fast blinking for short circuit warning, and remains off for reverse connection.

6. Music Mode

Sometimes, it’s nice to have the light beat with your music.

Sound Picker for Music Mode of Underglow Kit

  • With an independent sound picker and gold-plated pins, the kit can better follow the rhythm of your music.

7. Specifications, Functions and Features

1). Material for LED strips: Extruded silicone
2). LED model: SMD RGB 5050
3). Input voltage: DC 12V (Workable between 10-15V)
4). Wattage: Maximum 48 watts
5). Warranty: 1-Year limited warranty
6). Control method: RF remotes, effective within 30 ft
7). Working temperature for all parts: 30 °F – 120 °F

8). Music mode
9). Turn signal
10). Brake light
11). Self-protection

12). 18 preset solid colors
13). Special lighting effects: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth (breathing)

Items in the Sales Package

1). 4 x 12.7” daisy-chain LED strips
2). 4 x 12.7” single-sided LED strips
3). 4 x 8.7” daisy-chain LED strips
4). 2 x 8.7” single-sided LED strips
5). 4 x 4.7” single-sided LED strips

6). 4 x 1-2 way splitters with fast locking connectors
7). 4 x 1-3 way splitters with fast locking connectors
8). 6 x 24” extension wires with fast locking connectors

9). 1 x DC 12V control box with a kill switch
10). 2 x RF remotes (Key fob + flat remote)
11). 1 x double-sided adhesive for the control box
12). 1 x velcro stickers for remotes
13). 3 x T stripping-free connectors
14). 2 x ring terminals for power supply
15). 1 x instructional booklet

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 28.6 × 20.29 × 7.01 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Earl Derksen

Well Constructed item, works beautiful!

Mark Lopez
Glad I ignored the bad reviews... READ FOR 2014+ ultra limited for wiring into brakes and blinkers.

Everything about this kit seemed of quality. I will update as time goes on.. As of right now the install took about 2 days (4 hours after work each day). I would recommend buying the splitters and extension cables and better zip ties. Hook unit up to battery first to test LEDs prior to installation. MAKE SURE THE JUMPER LIGHTS ARE ORIENTATED THE CORRECT WAY! For the break light, I found it easiest to tie into the harness going thru the rear fender for the rear brake light. Unplug the harness and with a meter or preferably a $10 test light check each pin while reapplying the brake lever and the test light will indicate the correct pin, (bottom corner pin, blue wire with red stripe I believe). For the blinker, there are 2 harness' right below the passenger back rest, a wide one for the speakers, and a not so big one for the turn indicators and tour pack light.. the middle pins are the turn signals, top middle is right and the bottom middle is left.. take your time routing the wires for a clean look. These lights are very bright and have great night time visibility and the brake and turn signal features are nice. Clean surface prior to sticking the led strip. Hope this helps

Best company to deal with.

Ditrio has the absolute best led light strips on the market today..
Not only are they extremely bright they are well built and durable..
This is my 3rd set of Ditrio 18pc kit and all 3 sets are working flawlessly and working as they did the same day i bought them...
There customer care service (Maxine) is absolutely the best you could ever imagine,they answered all the questions I had and returned my emails the same day so I just want to say Thank you Ditrio for the awesome products...

Spyder E3
Fantastic lights

I installed a set of these lights on a friends Spyder RT. The brightness is adjustable and look really good. So good I bought a set for my F3-T.

Jerry Chau

Best customer service

Scott Mitchell
Better than I expected

My ol lady installed these and I liked it so much that I ordered a set. Very easy to install, but take your time to plan it out and do a quality job

Francisco Gonzalez
Buy it!!!!

This video is just showing all the colors you can set and music response feature. The whole bike turning red at stops and sides amber at turn signals is a head turning. So many colors you can choose, is crazy!!! Love it!!!

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