1. What does DITRIO do?

DITRIO began selling underglow LED strip kits and parts for motorcycles on Amazon.com in 2017.
Since then, we have focused on this product line and spent most of our efforts on quality control, innovation, and customer service.

2. Major Products

DITRIO has 3 designs for underglow LED strip kits for motorcycles so far.
Each one has unique features that are well suited for its designed application.


  • Push its parameters to the limits, and combine both brake light and turn signal features
  • A larger capacity that you can consider installing more LED strips on larger bikes and trikes


  • Universal underglow LED strip kit for motorcycles, and also nice for various vehicles
  • Continuously optimized and more than 10 functions and features are improved
  • Installed on more than 30,000 motorcycles since 2017


  • Aims for motorcycles that have limited space for installing lighting, or your bike has nowhere to hide the control box
  • Waterproof design for the control box, LED strips, and fast locking connectors

3. Material Selection

For regular average bike owners, LED strips, control boxes, and their copper cords appear identical at first glance.
Actually, they can be very different inside, which is critical for the performance and reliability after 6 – 12 months.

It is not enough to compare underglow LED strip kits simply by checking how many strips a make offers, how long the wires are etc.
It’d be better to dig deeper and check some technical insights, and here are a few examples:

  • Is the circuit of the control box technically well designed?
  • Are the electronic components made by reputable brands?
  • Which metal is for the bonding wires of RGB LEDs – aluminum, copper, or gold?
  • Which sealing technique do the LED strips use – glue pouring or silicone extrusion?
  • Which size do the 4-pin cords have – AWG28, 26, 24, 22?

Underglow LED strip kits for motorcycles originated from the designs for indoor applications.
But motorcycles have more severe working conditions for underglow kits, primarily due to the power supply mechanism.
Therefore, we choose optimum materials based on performance and reliability by technical analysis and verification rather than cost-effectiveness.
Typically, the parts have more than enough capacity than they use in standard conditions to withstand and last on your bikes.

4. Quality Control

As you know, even smart people can do dumb things.
Let alone workers and machines make mistakes during soldering and assembling.

To make sure we only ship qualified packages, we check all parts 100% every step rather than picking random samples from the finished kits.
You may wonder how this is possible since random sampling is typical for most makers.
The secret is DITRIO has invested in semi-automatic testing fixtures, which improves testing efficiency to a dramatic scale.

Just a few examples to explain what the test fixtures do:

  • Burn programs into circuits and check whether each circuit has a program in the chip
  • Simulate to test functions like the brake light, turn signal, short circuit protection
  • Test copper wires and fast locking connectors to identify short circuit or wrong connection

With the help of all these test fixtures, DITRIO can minimize the possibility of shipping packages with potential defects.

5. Customer Service

Needless to say, the importance is what you buy must work. Therefore, DITRIO emphasizes customer service before and after you buy from us.
Especially, LED strip kits don’t install themselves. There are always efforts and costs behind. Some bike owners even need to pay hundreds of dollars for a professional install.

To ensure we can offer customer service at a satisfactory level, DITRIO has built an email system of our own, and integrated it with a customer relation management system.
The most important purpose of this system is to record what we need to do for each customer by adding notes to contacts.
And it will remind us of the due dates so we won’t forget anything to do for you.

Sometimes there can be communication issues between different email service providers.
In order not to miss important messages from our customers, we also provide customer service via other channels – Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Pick a way that’s convenient for you to contact us.
We’re more than happy to help anytime.

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