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Elevating glow abilities via exclusive in-house circuit boards and app control development

DITRIO Underglow App Design and Development
Our Focus

Circuit & Program

What sets DITRIO apart?

At DITRIO, brilliance starts from the inside out.
We are dedicated to custom-engineered circuit boards & control methods.
Our team meticulously craft every PCB design to deliver creative underglow lighting effects.

Born to Light

Our Story

The DITRIO passion for illumination and mechanics took root in childhood.
As kids, the founders were captivated by the sights of cars, trucks and planes passing through their neighborhood.
This sparked an obsession with bringing raw components to radiant life through engineering prowess.

It was this sense of wonder that drew them into the world of underglow lighting systems.

The first glimpses of LED strip kits on vehicles stopped them in their tracks – they recognized the creative potential awaiting anyone with electrical skills and mechanical know-how. 

And so DITRIO emerged from a burning desire to craft underglow experiences like no other.

By developing proprietary circuitry, software controls and innovative features, this team set out to transform illumination. 

Updates 2024

Latest Innovations

From subtle pulses to vivid multi-zone Shows – see what’s possible

Smartphone App for Underglow LED Kits

Chasing LEDs


Separate Zones Available with Phone App

Multi Zones

Senior mechanic

Underglow Left Turn Signal Feature for Motorcycles

Turn Signal

Shop Manager

Brake Light Signal with 3 Lighting Effects

Brake Light


Unlock a Whole New Glow

Transform your motorcycle with our brilliant LED kits.

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