4-Feet Extension Cords for Underglow LED Strip Kits, Pack of 4

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  • Work with RGB LED Strips: If your strips have wires with the same 4-pin male and female fast locking connectors, this is a package with correct connectors to consider.
  • Ideal for Larger Vehicles: Each extension wire is 4ft long, particularly good for reaching spots in a longer distance on larger motorcycles, like trikes, touring bikes, golf carts, ATVs, and UTVs.
  • Compatible with DITRIO’S LED Kit: If you have a LED kit from DITRIO and need extension pigtail wires, this is the perfect package with correct connectors, will NOT have an issue about wrong connectors or colors.
  • Use Electrical Grease: If you ride a lot in the rain, it will be good to use electrical grease to seal those 4 pin fast locking connectors, which will increase service hours.
  • CUSTOMIZATION SUPPORT: If need longer extension wires for your vehicle, feel free to tell us. We will help you with extensions at customized quantities and length.

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