Underglow LED Strip Kit – M12AP

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  • Customize Your Ride – Our user-friendly DITRIO app unlocks billions of underglow color combinations to make your bike uniquely yours
  • Advanced Pixelglow RGBIC Tech – Our innovative Pixelglow LEDs glow in lifelike, vibrant colors – far beyond basic RGB lights
  • Dual-Zone Lighting – Divide your underglow into two independently controlled zones for truly one-of-a-kind effects
  • Integrated Signals – Choose from 7 eye-catching turn signal colors and 3 brake light modes for added safety
  • Hassle-Free Install – Our plug-and-play design with daisy chain wiring makes installation a breeze

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1). Material for LED strips: Extruded silicone
2). LED model: SMD RGB 5050
3). Input voltage: DC 12V (Workable between 10-15V)
4). Nominal wattage: Maximum 36 watts
5). Warranty: 1-Year limited warranty
6). Control method 1: RF remotes, effective within 30 ft
7). Control method 2: Bluetooth 4.0 and above on iOS and Android phones
8). Working temperature for all parts: 30 °F – 120 °F
9). IP68 Waterproof for LED strips (not for remotes & control box)

Items in the Sales Package

RGB 5050 Pixelglow LED Strips
1). 2 x 12.7” Daisy-chain LED strips, with 18 LEDs each strip
2). 2 x 8.7” Daisy-chain LED strips, with 12 LEDs each strip
3). 2 x 8.7” Single-way LED strips, with 12 LEDs each strip
4). 4 x 4.7” Daisy-chain LED strips, with 6 LEDs each strip
5). 2 x 4.7” Single-way LED strips, with 6 LEDs each strip

6). 1 x 1-2 Way Splitter
7). 2 x 24” extension wires with fast locking connectors
8). 1 x DC 12V control box with a kill switch and an inline fuse
9). 1 x RF remote with 4 keys

10). 1 x Instructional booklet
11). 1 x Velcro sticker for remotes
12). 2 x Ring terminals
13). 3 x T-tap connectors
14). 1 x Double sided adhesive for control box
15). 1 Bunch x zip ties for organizing wires

Additional information

Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 27.4 × 16.4 × 5.3 cm

Customer Reviews

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raja ram
Very nice product, well written instructions and great customer support

The customer support after sales via email is pretty good. They are quick to respond and help with parts that you may need extra if necessary.

They don't have wire taps, would be nice if they had included them as well.

,Randy G.
Bright & Right!

Used this on a 3-wheeled motorcycle. Bright and wouldnt choose any other brand on Amazon to buy from. These are the real deal when it comes to quality & ease of installation.

Ditrio light kit

So I've owned a couple of bikes and these are the best lighting kits on the market. They are easy to install, piece of cake doing the brakes also. They have amazing, incredible, outstanding customer service. These guys really care it's so hard to find good customer service these days. I had my lights go only to White and then they went off. I was like oh **** now what!!! I texted customer service and almost immediately, it didn't take a day before they got back to me explain to me exactly how to fix everything and it was so easy. I love these kits they're bright, the colors are incredible you can switch with a remote control and they just make your bike look totally cool. Plus they keep you safe at night if you ride at night a lot, I do sometimes. Like I said the colors are beautiful the colors are bright and very clear and they really glow in the dark I'm getting ready to put another kit on my new bike and I just can't wait for the looks of it. so thank you Detrio for doing what you've done and I hope you sell a whole bunch of these kits. Sorry I don't have a picture of my bike right now but I will put one on as soon as I put the new kit in. ??????????????????????????

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