Underglow LED Strip Kit Cars

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  • Enhance your car with these high-intensity SMD 5050 LED light strips, perfect car accessories for a brighter and more uniform lighting experience.
  • Control lighting effects through our app or remote control.
  • The app offers multiple modes, including multi-color DIY and music synchronization, allowing you to select your desired color and lighting effects effortlessly.
  • Customize with endless colors and dynamic lighting effects, including jump and fading patterns. These underglow led lights for cars also feature sound-active modes, responding to the beat of your music.
  • IP67 waterproof rating and strong adhesive, these LED light strips stay securely in place, making them suitable for harsh weather conditions and ensuring a stable installation.
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Upgraded chip for DITRIO's car underglow kit, featuring addressable RGB 5050 LED with visible circuit board and connection ports.

Mobile app and remote control interfaces for car underglow LED kit, showing color selection and customization options.

Side-by-side comparison of new DITRIO Pixelglow technology vs old RGB single color underglow lighting on cars.

Rear view of car demonstrating dual-zone underglow LED control via smartphone app with blue and orange lighting.

Car rear view showcasing DITRIO's underglow LED strip with turn signal and brake light modes for enhanced visibility.

An offroad vehicle with multicolor LED underglow lights illuminating snow-covered ground at night.

A sportback car with color-changing LED underglow on fall road, showcasing vibrant lighting against autumn foliage.

A truck with rainbow LED underglow illuminating misty road at night, highlighting off-road design and lighting features.

Speedboat with orange LED underglow strip lighting reflecting on water at sunset in harbor, surrounded by other boats.

Close-up of DITRIO's LED strip kit components, including mounting clips, cable ties, and control unit for car underglow installation.

Layout of all underglow LED strip kit contents in sales box, including LED strips, remote control, and installation accessories.

1. Daisy-chain PixelGlow LED strips, 19.6″ x 2
2. Daisy-chain PixelGlow LED strips, 39″ x 2
3. Single-way PixelGlow LED strips, 19.6″ x 2
4. Control box with inline fused power wire x 1
5. RF remote x 1
6. Zip ties x 16
7. Terminals x 2
8. Self-piercing screws x 32
9. Mounting clips x 16
10. T-tap connectors x 3
11. Spare 5A fuse x 1
12. User manual x 1
13. Velcro sticker x 1


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