6 Innovative Features with Unmatched Customizations

Ride in Style
Shine Like No Other

Updates 2024

Latest Innovations

From subtle pulses to vivid multi-section shows – see what’s possible

Smartphone App for Underglow LED Kits

Chasing LEDs

Addressable 5050 LEDs

Separate Zones Available with Phone App

Sectional Effects

Define Colors by Every 3 LEDs

Underglow Left Turn Signal Feature for Motorcycles

Turn Signal

Indicate Direction Clearly

Brake Light Signal with 3 Lighting Effects

Brake Light

Easier to be Noticed

See It to Believe It

How It Works

Get a glimpse of the unmatched glow and smart features our kit delivers.

See firsthand how our innovative underglow LED kit completely transforms a motorcycle.

From the vibrant, fully customizable glow to the smart brake/turn signal effects and dual-zone controls.

The Most Advanced Underglow App Ever

Transform Your Bike
In A Few Taps

Our innovative app gives you full control to create your dream glow.
Works seamlessly on iOS and Android.

Sectional Individual Underglow Lighting Effects

Sectional Colors

One Strip, Multiple Colors

Separate Underglow Lighting in 2 Zones

Dual Zones

Left & Right Glow Differently

3 Optional Brake Light Effects

Brake Light

3 Optional Effects

Optional Turn Signal Lighting Effects besides Amber

Turn Signals

Several More besides Amber

What We Do

Underglow Artisanship Unveiled

We pour our passion into mastering every aspect.
From ground-up app and circuit design to stringent multi-point quality inspection.
Because delivering a premium underglow experience means sweating the details.

Lighting Up The Streets

Real Riders, Real Glows

Check out these stylish underglow transformations

Ron Katz

Trailer with Custom Long LED Strips

Rodrigo Ayala

Vivamus 800st


Eget eu phasellus

Faucibus sed sem

Pharetra vulputate 1000



Jose Umpierre

Trike with Extra Strips for Maximum Brightness

Pursuit of Perfection

The DITRIO Quality

Uncompromising quality drives every decision at DITRIO.

We consciously invest in premium components, never sacrificing excellence for lower costs.
Our multi-stage inspection regimen scrutinizes each individual underglow piece using specialized equipment and technologies.
Cutting corners is NEVER not an option.

Design & Development

“Inside DITRIO's innovation lies our circuit boards and programs.
We craft every detail for your unique underglow experience.”

Innovation & Quality

Innovative circuit board for DITRIO's underglow LED strip kits with turn signal, brake light and maximum brightness.

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