Underglow LED Strip Kit for Motorcycles

Blinking Brake Lights, Turn Signals, Maximum Brightness
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DITRIO Underglow LED Strip Kit M18r-T

Underglow LED Strip Kits for Motorcycles and Trikes

Turn signal & Static and blinking brake lights & Waterproof 

These features are definitely good to have, besides illuminating and decorating your bike.
But DITRIO’s underglow kits still offer more features.

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Individual Underglow LED Strips

If you wish to add more underglow strips to your install, better to pick the ones from the same kit. 
You won’t have issues with compatibility.

DITRIO offers packs of individual underglow strips with various sizes, especially for bigger bikes and trikes.

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Extension Cords & Splitters

Extension cords and splitters appear to be identical, but their materials can be very different, especially the copper threads.

There are at least 2 typical negative impacts if the materials are not good. Therefore, DITRIO choose optimum materials.

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