Smart Fuse Trouble Shooting Tips

Understanding Smart Fuse for Underglow LED Strip Kits

Hey there, fellow riders!

Today, we’re talking about a nifty little feature in our underglow LED strip kits for motorcycles:

  • The smart fuse with its very own chip.
  • This little guy is not just a regular fuse.
  • It’s your first line of defense against electrical shorts.

And it’s here to make your ride a whole lot easier!

Why LED indicator lights up red?

It’s not just for show – this is a custom-designed chip, crafted precisely for our LED kits.

When the LED indicator on the chip turns red:

  • It’s telling you there’s a short circuit in your LED setup.

In the event of a short circuit, here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, play it safe: replace the original with a spare fuse in the fuse box.
  2. Next, simplify: connect just one LED strip directly to the control box, removing any complexity.
  3. Then, bypass the 1-2 way and 1-3 way splitters; we’re going detective mode, eliminating variables.
  4. Finally, power up the control box again and check how it’s holding up. 

Why are we using this fuse?

This fuse isn’t just smart, it’s a genius at detecting short circuits, safeguarding our precious wirings and control box.

Here’s how it works:

  • If there’s a short, the surge in current burns the chip’s fuse (a noble sacrifice), triggering that red light we talked about.
  • It’s also keeping an eye on the temperature, so overheating will also cause a red alert.

Keep in mind, this chip is a one-time hero.

  • If the fuse is burnt out, it’s time for a fresh 5A chip.

Need a PCB chip?

Reach out to DITRIO, and we’ll have you covered.

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