Request Support when DITRIO LED Strips Not Working

Available Support When DITRIO LED Strip Kit Not Working

It’s important to help DITRIO customers with various issues.
And we’ve been trying our best to make support as easy as possible.

There are 3 things you can do whenever your LED strip kit is not working properly.

1. Refer to user manual in the sales package

The simplified booklet includes hints for some basic trouble shooing tips.
But no worries, in case you don’t have it anymore.
There are 2 additional options.

2. Refer to user manuals posted on our website

Fundamentally, they offer similar tips for assuring proper functions the LED strip kits.
Meanwhile, we can do some timely updates whenever there is any.
They have a little bit more information and offer a better reader experience, compared to the printed booklets.

3. Request support from DITRIO Customer Service

If you don’t really like reading, then contact DITRIO directly by email.
We are always more than happy to hear from you.

Here are 3 tips to make the support quicker and more effective:

  • Please specify which LED strip kit you have for your bike
  • Better to include the order ID, if this information is available
  • Describe the issues a little bit – what you do and what you will see

Usually, we can offer help in 3 ways:

  • Tips for identifying the causes and making the kits work again
  • Necessary replacement for the parts or components that have issues
  • Additional help for your customized installations

Last but not least, DITRIO Customer Service doesn’t limit our support to trouble shooting for LED strips not working. 
We also try our best to help with other subjects like custom packages, made to order services, etc. 
Drop us a line if you feel there is something we can do for you.

16 thoughts on “Available Support When DITRIO LED Strip Kit Not Working”

  1. I’ve purchased the 12 light system and it seems like I can not get a vibrant green light. All settings look blue. Is there anything I can do. I’ve already reprogrammed unit and it didn’t help. Thanks

    1. Hi Kevin,

      It may be the connection wire has loose from the control box, or the splitter has an issue.
      Could you do a simple test?
      Pls try the following step:
      – Connect a single LED strip to the control box directly.
      – Bypass both the 1-2way and 1-3way splitters.
      – Give the power supply to the control box again and see how it works.

      If the individual LED strip works correctly, the problem comes from wires, LED strips, or connectors. Typical causes are loose connections and short circuits somewhere.
      If an individual LED strip won’t work in this way, it means the control box has problems.

      Pls let me know any results. Thanks

      -Maxine from the DITRIO service team

  2. Ditrio 12 strip leds won’t turn on . They were working great for about 2 years and then one day I went to turn them on they blinked a few times and then turned off. 12 volt battery and ground connections are tight, battery is fully charged. I’ve tried to turn them on with remotes and still won’t turn on . Fuse is fine , but just out of curiosity I changed the fuse and nothing happened. I tried the kill switch and still nothing. Brake light not connected , never was . Hope you can help me . Thanks .

    1. Hi Ben,

      I think there is a problem with your control box that has malfunctioned. I will give you a new replacement to try it.

      -Maxine from the DITRIO Team

  3. Hi my name is Mike I love your product but my leds aren’t working I trouble shooted the leds I checked the fuse it’s good I checked for power it’s good I checked connection all good tried using the remote and nothing Im purty sure it’s the brain How can I get a new brain for my LEDs and I would like to add more lights how can I order 4 -12inch led strips and 4- 6inch led strips

  4. Have had lights less than two months. No power to lights the little red light on the “chip “ is illuminated but nothing to any of the leads …. Help. Could the brain already have malfunctioned. And 1one 12” strip is a completely different color except on green amd white

  5. I have the 18 strip leds and I’ve synced the two remotes several times and get the confirmation flash every time but when I try to push any button on either remote I get nothing. Brake and turn work as they should. I’m not sure what to do now.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I’ve sent you a video refer to try again, pls check your email.
      If it still does not work, pls let me know.

      -Maxine from the DITRIO team

  6. Hi I’m Chris,
    Bought the 12 led light kit about 2 months ago was working fine then last night went out and nothing. Have power to the fuse chip with a red light that dims/bright when push kill switch. Please help

  7. I have the 12 light kit and it worked fine but now can’t get them to even come on. I checked all the connections and entry thing is connected and tight. Battery is charged and I never hooked the brake light up. Not sure what else to do. Please advise

  8. I have one light strip displaying a different color than the rest and it comes on whenever it wants even when the kill button is pushed

    1. Hi Jody,

      This one LED strip could be damaged. I’d love to send you a new one to replace it. Please check the email for more details.

      -Maxine from the DITRIO team

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