Decorate motorcycles with LED strips

Ideas for Decorating Motorcycles Using LED Strip Lights

In the evening, you may see motorcycles with LED lights begin to light up to match the sunset gradually. Among them, LED light strips are widely used by motorcycle enthusiasts. But where exactly shall we place it and show it?

The simplest way is following your bike’s body and making a blueprint for where to put all the LED light strips before beginning the installation process. You can simulate approximate strip lengths to fix on your motorcycle. Even better, it’s up to your personal preferences to design.

DITRIO is a seller specializing in underglow LED strip lights for motorcycles. Here we will share some helpful ideas for decorating your motorcycle using LED strip lights. They are suitable for various motorcycles.

Spots for installing LED Strips

Font and rear wheels

Some people like the front and rear wheels to glow when riding at night, and the lively colors are eye-catching to add visual appeal and keep riding safely. You can put the light strips inside the front and rear fenders. If the LED light is not long enough to catch well, you can use some extension wire to extend them to get a suitable position.

Or put one in between the forks firing down onto the fender. In this way, the light can also reflect well on your fender and look pretty good.

Under the tanks

To the body of this part, you can take a long one for each side of the underneath gas tank. Or use a short one underneath the horn cover and one short on the other side of the bike behind the breather, making it full lighting on an excellent glossy when lit up along the body.

  • To display the sense of the bike’s body lines, you could put on the fame going up over top of the motor.
  • Put a small light on the front of the frame firing back at the chrome oil filter, which should reflect off nicely.
  • Or simply place one on the frame below the seat, two below the main frame, near the foot pedals.

You can get the space fully utilized, and the light fits perfectly into the body’s frame.

Rears of your bikes

You have solid color where you want it can reflect off the exhaust. Then you could put the LED strips on the bottom of the frame bar.

  • Place 2 below the saddlebag frame mount in the back of the bike underneath the saddlebags. It’s not going to mount them to the saddlebags because that is just kind of pain. Every time you need to remove it got to disconnect the wire. So we just mount it to the bottom of this saddlebag rail precisely on the bottom.
  • Another part of the bike’s rear clearly shows the brake light feature. You can place several more LED light strips behind it, which provide a safer signal for the brake turning function at night.

Overall, when you clean up the area where you want to do it, it’s ready to start a step-by-step walkthrough of the process.


Everyone has a unique taste to decorate your bike. From the start of the vision, simulate how to place it until the finalization. We will find the process is boundaryless, fun, and fulfilling. You will gain a stand-out light show on your bike in pure joy.

Here, let’s kick off underglow LED strip lights. Drop back to our store to get an available DITRIO code with 5% off: DMULK5

Stay safe out there, and enjoy your ride!

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