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Well Constructed item, works beautiful!

Glad I ignored the bad reviews... READ FOR 2014+ ultra limited for wiring into brakes and blinkers.

Everything about this kit seemed of quality. I will update as time goes on.. As of right now the install took about 2 days (4 hours after work each day). I would recommend buying the splitters and extension cables and better zip ties. Hook unit up to battery first to test LEDs prior to installation. MAKE SURE THE JUMPER LIGHTS ARE ORIENTATED THE CORRECT WAY! For the break light, I found it easiest to tie into the harness going thru the rear fender for the rear brake light. Unplug the harness and with a meter or preferably a $10 test light check each pin while reapplying the brake lever and the test light will indicate the correct pin, (bottom corner pin, blue wire with red stripe I believe). For the blinker, there are 2 harness' right below the passenger back rest, a wide one for the speakers, and a not so big one for the turn indicators and tour pack light.. the middle pins are the turn signals, top middle is right and the bottom middle is left.. take your time routing the wires for a clean look. These lights are very bright and have great night time visibility and the brake and turn signal features are nice. Clean surface prior to sticking the led strip. Hope this helps

Only one real complaint

Got the kit and installed it on my Ninja 400 orange/black and for the most part was super easy and straight forward one you know where you want the strips. However, one of the reasons that i bought the kit was not so easy or intuitive to install. That was the brake light wire. All the vids i usually found was for harleys or cruisers, not many sports bikes. But after referencing some wiring diagrams i found which wire closes the circuit for the tail light. I then stripped the wire some more and simply put the wire in the terminal from the tail light and connected it to the bike. Turned the bike on and applied the brakes. It worked although there is about half a second delay in using the brakes. I then cleaned up the wiring with zip ties and electrical tape. For right now i focused on the main body and did not go to the front wheel or swing arm. I am pleased for how it looks and what will hopefully help make people notice me more when i ride at night as well as when i am slowing down or stopping.

new kind of clip on the lights strip

ijust got a kit m12r and it has around end i need the kind you had befor youchange over can you help a feller out?

Awesome product

Easy install and great product

4 Feet Extension Cords for Underglow LED Strip Kits, Pack of 4

2-Feet Extension Cords for Underglow LED Strip Kits, Pack of 4

Best company to deal with.

Ditrio has the absolute best led light strips on the market today..
Not only are they extremely bright they are well built and durable..
This is my 3rd set of Ditrio 18pc kit and all 3 sets are working flawlessly and working as they did the same day i bought them...
There customer care service (Maxine) is absolutely the best you could ever imagine,they answered all the questions I had and returned my emails the same day so I just want to say Thank you Ditrio for the awesome products...


And as always. These lights are perfect in every way. No issues. Bright, heavy duty, sturdy. Excellent pricing

Fantastic lights

I installed a set of these lights on a friends Spyder RT. The brightness is adjustable and look really good. So good I bought a set for my F3-T.

Must have

Must have when installing light kit on a cruiser. Plug and run play works great.

These lights are great !!!!

I got these lights to add on to my current kit and I am very pleased with the results .

Works awsome

Worked perfect for our lights on the bikes and to extend them


Just what I needed to add on some extra leds

Better than I expected

My ol lady installed these and I liked it so much that I ordered a set. Very easy to install, but take your time to plan it out and do a quality job

They did the job I needed them to do

So far these lights work great

Great extensions

These led extensions were long enough and slim enough to put my lights just were I wanted them on my 06 Harley! End couplers fit perfectly and very easy to use! The splitters they put in made less wires to run through bike! Great product!!!

Buy it!!!!

This video is just showing all the colors you can set and music response feature. The whole bike turning red at stops and sides amber at turn signals is a head turning. So many colors you can choose, is crazy!!! Love it!!!

Great lights

Lights were easy to install and look good

Great product

Great product. I am a installer of ditrio lights. They are bright, very well priced. These extensions are well worth the money, for the longer runs needed for motorcycle application.

Good item!

Installed these lights in the wheel well of my 2021 Harley TriGlide. Working great!

Trailer hitch for Harley Davidson

Love it

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