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I ordered this set by mistake. Wanted the old 18 piece set but once I installed them and down loaded the app wish I had bought second set to change out lights on other bike that are working fine after 2 years flawless... love them look great

Well Constructed item, works beautiful!

Glad I ignored the bad reviews... READ FOR 2014+ ultra limited for wiring into brakes and blinkers.

Everything about this kit seemed of quality. I will update as time goes on.. As of right now the install took about 2 days (4 hours after work each day). I would recommend buying the splitters and extension cables and better zip ties. Hook unit up to battery first to test LEDs prior to installation. MAKE SURE THE JUMPER LIGHTS ARE ORIENTATED THE CORRECT WAY! For the break light, I found it easiest to tie into the harness going thru the rear fender for the rear brake light. Unplug the harness and with a meter or preferably a $10 test light check each pin while reapplying the brake lever and the test light will indicate the correct pin, (bottom corner pin, blue wire with red stripe I believe). For the blinker, there are 2 harness' right below the passenger back rest, a wide one for the speakers, and a not so big one for the turn indicators and tour pack light.. the middle pins are the turn signals, top middle is right and the bottom middle is left.. take your time routing the wires for a clean look. These lights are very bright and have great night time visibility and the brake and turn signal features are nice. Clean surface prior to sticking the led strip. Hope this helps

3 Hours of Patience = Amazing lights

Heres how I did it.
1) Wash your bike
2) Wash your bike again
3) Test all of the lights by plugging in the positive and negative terminals on to your battery. The package comes with 4 splicers for your wires, I crushed these on using pliers and then screwed them to the top of the battery terminals.
4) Use masking tape to place your lights around your bike to make sure the leads will be long enough.
5) Wipe down all the areas you will place your LEDs with rubbing alcohol
6) Plug everything in
7) Use the two twist ties that come with the kit to organize your wires. I wrapped all my wires that were too long and used the twist ties to keep them tidy.
8) I placed the control box wires inside the tool box below my seat
9) Zip tie all your wires that are dangling or loose for safety
10) Turn on your lights and watch as other riders ooze jealousy.

Only one real complaint

Got the kit and installed it on my Ninja 400 orange/black and for the most part was super easy and straight forward one you know where you want the strips. However, one of the reasons that i bought the kit was not so easy or intuitive to install. That was the brake light wire. All the vids i usually found was for harleys or cruisers, not many sports bikes. But after referencing some wiring diagrams i found which wire closes the circuit for the tail light. I then stripped the wire some more and simply put the wire in the terminal from the tail light and connected it to the bike. Turned the bike on and applied the brakes. It worked although there is about half a second delay in using the brakes. I then cleaned up the wiring with zip ties and electrical tape. For right now i focused on the main body and did not go to the front wheel or swing arm. I am pleased for how it looks and what will hopefully help make people notice me more when i ride at night as well as when i am slowing down or stopping.

Very Bright!

The 6Pcs Car Underglow Neon Accent Strip Lights with 252 LEDs RGB offer a vibrant lighting solution for cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks.


RGB LEDs: Featuring 252 RGB LEDs across 6 strips, these lights provide a wide range of colors and combinations (up to 8 colors). This allows users to customize their vehicle's underglow to match their preference or mood.

Sound Active Function: The lights include a sound-active mode, responding to music or ambient sound with changes in lighting patterns. This adds a dynamic and interactive element to the lighting display.

Music Mode: Alongside sound activation, the lights have a music mode that syncs with the beat of the music, enhancing the visual impact during car rides or gatherings.

Wireless Remote Control: Includes a wireless remote control for convenient operation from inside or near the vehicle. The remote allows users to adjust colors, modes, brightness, and speed without needing to manually access each strip.

Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation with adhesive backing on the strips and a plug-and-play setup, making it accessible for users with minimal technical expertise.

Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty, providing assurance of reliability and support in case of defects or issues.


Durability: Long-term durability of the adhesive backing and weather resistance of the strips when exposed to outdoor elements (rain, dust, etc.) may be a concern over time.

Power Consumption: LED underglow lights can draw power from the vehicle's battery, potentially impacting battery life if used extensively without the engine running.

Overall Impression:

The 6Pcs Car Underglow Neon Accent Strip Lights with RGB LEDs and various modes offer a fun and customizable way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of vehicles. With features like sound activation, music mode, and a wireless remote control, these lights cater to both visual aesthetics and interactive entertainment. The 2-year warranty adds peace of mind regarding product reliability. However, users should consider factors like installation durability and power consumption when deciding on their purchase.


These underglow lights are so bright and real easy to install. It lights up so bright that and the control makes it easy to cycle through the colors

Underglow lights

Easy to install. Adds a nice touch to any car or truck. Not as expensive as most.

Underglow lights

Easy to install. Adds a nice touch to any car or truck. Not as expensive as most.

Looks great

Bright and customizable underglow lights with sound activation

These underglow lights are a great way to add some personality to your car. They come with a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and you can even control them with the included wireless remote. The lights are also sound activated, so they will pulse and dance to the beat of your music.

Here are some of the pros and cons of these underglow lights:


Bright and colorful
Multiple colors and patterns to choose from
Wireless remote control
Sound activated
Easy to install (with strong adhesive and cable ties)
Waterproof (IP68)
Two year warranty

May not be legal for street use in all jurisdictions
Can be difficult to hide the wires
May not be very bright in daylight
Overall, these are a great option for anyone who wants to add some underglow lighting to their car. They are easy to install, come with a variety of features, and are backed by a two-year warranty. Just be sure to check your local laws before installing them on your car.

Here are some additional things to consider before you buy:

The length of the light strips. Make sure they are long enough to reach all the way around your car.
The power source. These lights typically come with a cigarette lighter adapter, but you may be able to hardwire them into your car's electrical system.
The difficulty of installation. Installing underglow lights can be time-consuming, so be sure you are up for the challenge before you buy them.

Looks good.

This is nice because it's a straightforward installation on a scale you can DIY. I've tried several of these types of light kits (both interior and exterior) that are not at all DIY. Just clean where you want these to go. One strip goes down each side and 2 small strips at the car's front and back. One set of 2 wires(pos & neg) to the battery and you are done. Not difficult at all. The lights look good and are bright enough but not too bright. This can be adjusted to the driver's taste. You don't notice the lights at all when you are driving, but they are visible to other drivers and might keep you from being hit as well as make your ride stand out as unique. That tells everybody the driver is the person they want to be like. 😉

Great lights!!

Really good set of lights for my bike. I love the color combinations and the different changes in color!

Love the product and the Customer Service!

This review is for the Ditrio Pixelglow M8AP product. The installation was straight forward and easy to follow instructions. Prior to installation, I highly recommend performing a dry fit to ensure all lights work. Love the functionality and color combinations of the remote and the kill switch.

During the installation of the lights, one of the light strip wouldn't hold/stick even after the recommended cleaning. At this point I was about 99% complete with the installation. Everything worked as expected!

I sent an email to Ditrio Support regarding the issue and a resolution. In less than 24-hours I received an email response for one of their Customer Service Reps, Lucy. She apologized for the inconvenience and the product issue. Most importantly, she showed empathy in my situation. To make things right, she issued a request for delivery of the same product free of charge and they picked up the delivery fee. She also informed me there's no need to return my original order. This blew me away!

Great product with exceptional customer service! Ditrio, I welcome to my family, I'm a customer for life!!!

Way better than I thought!

So, I bought these in a rush because I needed some lights for a car show, just looked up a decent set and the came fast. First thought was I was pretty shocked because the packaging is not bad at all! Came with everything you need even a remote and a button to turn on and off main power. I installed them and was a little bummed out because a couple trips weren't working. So I sent a message to the company. I was pretty bummed out. But, I got a quick response snd found out there is a great app to use and I had to adjust the number of leds on each channel. Now they all work no problem! The lights have so many modes and colors to make any show pop! They fit perfectly in my engine bay snd have been holding on super well even thru getting wet and super hot! The customer service woman was super helpful and very kind. I will DEFINITELY be buying more from this company and now that I know how they work, it will be a breeze!! I wouldn't hesitate one bit buying any products from this company at all! Will be buying more very soon! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

Excellent product

As a former motorcycle shop owner I have installed quite a few light kits this kit from DITRIO is one of the easiest kits I have ever installed. The app is simple to use with its pre programmed themes and wide array of colors . I would highly recommend these lights.

Great lights

Had questions about wiring them for to use as my turn signals and confirmed that i had wired them correctly got ahold of support and they made a suggestion and sent me a new set just in case that didn't work. wont buy lights from anyone else now. thanks

Great product

These lights are bright, a great price and they were easy to install. They perform well as you can see. I love they look they give my Spyder. They have gotten me a lot of looks and complements. I have few more places I want to place them and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Rgbic addressable led. bright and customizable

Easy installation if you're good with wrenches instructions were very simple and the brightness of the lights was actually a surprise. Had o e not working out of the box contacted ditrio customer support and the resolved the issue with a couple days. Love the product and the fact that the lights don't have to be one solid color all the time. The app can be buggy sometimes but overall i am very happy with my purchase and will definitely use them again in the future.

Amazing bright, fun, easy to install, accent lights

This Bluetooth kit accent light from Ditrio is easy and fun

quick installation almost plug and play , is very bright in the night, waterproof, very responsive app, fully customisable with 2 independent sides, possibility to set millions of colours all this through the app

Brake light feature, and turn signals which is very useful in the dark
Customer service is very serious and quick reply for any install/warranty questions

Nice kits!

For the money this is really a nice kit! Components seem to be quality and connections are solid and tight. As with most things like this, the most time consuming portions is really figuring out where and how to install for maximum effect. But it installs easy, adheres very well and I must say the response / service is fantastic.

I absolute love these lights.

I absolute love these lights. Easy to install, with a little time and patience, You will get a great outcome. The price was great and customer service just as good. Any questions or problems they will get back with you immediately.

Very nice product, well written instructions and great customer support

The customer support after sales via email is pretty good. They are quick to respond and help with parts that you may need extra if necessary.

They don't have wire taps, would be nice if they had included them as well.

Bright & Right!

Used this on a 3-wheeled motorcycle. Bright and wouldnt choose any other brand on Amazon to buy from. These are the real deal when it comes to quality & ease of installation.

If you’re looking for new light kit for your Harley, this is definitely the right choice!

Great light kit for my motorcycle. Great priced great support team to back it up would definitely recommend to a friend if you’re looking to have a little pride in your ride, car truck, boat or bike. This is definitely the light kit for you. Great priced .great support team. . thanks again for your help and support.

Ditrio light kit

So I've owned a couple of bikes and these are the best lighting kits on the market. They are easy to install, piece of cake doing the brakes also. They have amazing, incredible, outstanding customer service. These guys really care it's so hard to find good customer service these days. I had my lights go only to White and then they went off. I was like oh **** now what!!! I texted customer service and almost immediately, it didn't take a day before they got back to me explain to me exactly how to fix everything and it was so easy. I love these kits they're bright, the colors are incredible you can switch with a remote control and they just make your bike look totally cool. Plus they keep you safe at night if you ride at night a lot, I do sometimes. Like I said the colors are beautiful the colors are bright and very clear and they really glow in the dark I'm getting ready to put another kit on my new bike and I just can't wait for the looks of it. so thank you Detrio for doing what you've done and I hope you sell a whole bunch of these kits. Sorry I don't have a picture of my bike right now but I will put one on as soon as I put the new kit in. ??????????????????????????

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