Underglow LED Strip Kit M8r for Compact Motorcycles

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A space-saving design for compact motorcycles – daisy-chain LED strips, built in switch, and waterproof. Plus, optional static and blinking brake lights.

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1. Reduce Bulkiness

Special design that aims for compact bikes with limited space

Slim Design of Underglow LED Strip Kit M8r

  • This LED strip kit focuses on the concept of saving space. The entire control module is simply a small bunch in your hand.
  • It’s a good choice if your bike has limited space – like sport bikes, or if you prefer additional basic lighting with easy installation.

2. Mini Control Box

Built-in switch to reduce an additional bunch of wire

Built-in Switch of Underglow LED Strip Kit M8r

  • It has a mini circuit and a smaller outer box, whose overall dimension is approximately half of the regular one.
  • A mechanical switch is already integrated into the control box.

3. Waterproof Control Box

You can expose it to the rain and spraying water

Waterproof Control Box of DITRIO LED Strip Kit M8r

  • It’s difficult for some bikes to find a right place to hide the control box – it will get wet by the rain or spray water, leading to malfunction of the LED strip kit.
  • This unique control box has a waterproof design, and you can expose it and won’t bother with hiding it anymore.
  • The circuit board inside is already filled with one waterproof sealant, and the box is sealed with another type to enhance.

4. Waterproof Fast Locking Connectors

No longer need to prevent water getting into connectors

Waterproof Locking Connectors of Underglow Strip Kit M8r

  • Another common issue is water or moisture may get into the other type of 4-pin fast locking connectors.
  • But for this type of waterproof fast locking design, you can even dip the connectors into water and won’t have a thing.

5. Daisy-Chain LED Strips

Make installation easier for you

Daisy Chain LED Strips in Package of M8r

  • You don’t have to connect each strip from the control box, giving you a cleaner look.
  • And it might save you time because you might not have to take the tank off.

6. Brake Lights


All LED strips go solid red instantly as an additional warning signal when you squeeze the brake, and go back to the previous setup once you release the brake.

7. Specifications, Functions and Features

1). Material for LED strips: Extruded silicone
2). LED model: SMD RGB 5050
3). Input voltage: DC 12V (Workable between 10-15V)
4). Wattage: Maximum 48 watts
5). Warranty: 1-Year limited warranty
6). Control method: RF remotes, effective within 30 ft
7). Working temperature for all parts: 30 °F – 120 °F

8). Brake light
9). Self-protection

10). 18 preset solid colors
11). Special lighting effects: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth (breathing)

Items in the Sales Package

1). 2 x 12.7” double-sided LED strips
2). 2 x 8.7” double-sided LED strips
3). 2 x 8.7” single-sided LED strips
4). 2 x 4.7” single-sided LED strips

5). 3 x 1-2 way splitter with fast locking connectors
6). 2 x 24” extension wires with fast locking connectors

7). 1 x DC 12V control box with a kill switch
8). 2 x RF remotes (Key fob + fl at remote)

9). 1 x double-sided adhesive for the control box
10). 1 x velcro stickers for remotes
11). 1 x T stripping-free connector
12). 2 x ring terminals
13). 1 x instructional booklet

Additional information

Weight 0.63 kg
Dimensions 27.41 × 16.41 × 4.7 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Awesome company

This is the best company for customer service. I habe to mention i am a 57 year old wan with little mechanical knowledge and I installed this myself. I also installed a healtech thunderbox first so i am not wired directly to the battery. So when my key is on lights are on but they wont work otherwise
I ordered the 12 piece kit and the number of extra wires was immense so I saw this 8 piece compact kit and exchanged. It has 1 box instead of 2 and no extension wires
I have a 2008 honda shadow aero and it was tight but everything fit. I dont like the right side tank strip so today I am raising up the tank and moving it so it isn't visible. I also emailed them this weekend and the infamous Maxine everyone talks about answered me 1st thing this morning. My aero has a big retro fender and my 2 fender strips are at the beginning of it. I wanted to add another strip around the back curve. She said absolutely it was done with 2 extensions and a 2 way splitter and another strip and would send them out expedited today free of charge. I see why this company is number 1 on all articles I read
I will be making a video review as soon as I am finished with that install..edit. added a quick video of now..will add another when done

Work fine

I'm very happy with the purchase

Travis Harrison
Great service

Been using Ditrio on all my bikes 3 so far. For the first time, I actually had an issue. The lights refused to change colors and would stay red when the break was applied. Sent an email to their help service and with in 12 hours, spoke to a rep. With in 72 hours had a replacement peace and everything is working perfectly. Thank you for all the help Maxine. The bike looks great.

Don Durham
Awesome kit

Highly recommend this kit quality lights love the fact that you can daisy chain lights together cuts down on excess wire everywhere especially when you have limited space. Very pleased with the end result

Great lights

Excellent product would buy for all my motorcycles

Tommy in Texas
Great set of lights easy to install.

Easy to install adhesion stuck on with no problems. I would reorder again.

Jeff V
Great kit well packaged

I likes the product hoe very I bought it to add on to my current light kit on my motorcycle and The plug is round not flat black. I need a kit with lights and wire just to expand and add more lights to my bike.

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